Online Class Registration

A class registration will need to be completed for each online class that you participate in. Our live streaming practice is $10 ($8 for students, seniors and unwaged). Those with an existing NYS Multi Class Pass can use the pass (2 online classes = 1 multi pass).


Complete Step 1 - Class Registration (and hit send). You can then complete Step 2 - Payment. Once payment is received, we will send you a link within 30 minutes of the start of the practice.


Registrations for each class will close 60 minutes prior to the class.


Everything happens on Zoom. Make sure to have the app/software downloaded here. 


Classes are clothing optional (for teachers and participants) so photos and videos are strictly prohibited. For these events to work we'll have to keep it pure and private by respecting each other. All classes are 60 minutes.

You can book and pay for classes up to 2 weeks in advance. Separate bookings and payments need to be made for each class.

Step 1 - Class Registration

By completing and submitting this form you agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Naked Yoga Sydney and acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree with and the Release Form and the Naked Yoga Privacy Policy

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Step 2 - Payment

Those with an existing NYS Multi Class Pass can use the pass (2 online classes = 1 multi pass). No further payment is necessary.

** Please note:

1. A separate payment will need to be made for each class that you book.

2. There will be no refunds if you miss the class or are unable to connect (If we are unable to connect to run the class NYS will offer a refund or make-up class).

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