That's not necessary at all. We will welcome newcomers into Naked Yoga and classes cater to all levels of ability.



This rarely happens, and if it does, it's nothing to be embarrassed about and will pass quickly. You will have so much to concentrate on in order to achieve and maintain your postures and your breathing that this probably won't be a issue. If it does happen, it's ok--don't worry about it.


Erections are not a problem at all—they are part of what makes us men. There is no need to be embarrassed or try to hide them. It's doubtful that any of the other participants will react at all (except maybe to get hard themselves.)In our Naked Yoga class, you can be proud of your erection, enjoy having it and continue to follow along with whatever positions we're doing.


Most of us are taught to be ashamed of our boners in front of others. The only place we're supposed to have one is while we're having sex—and then there's PRESSURE to be hard.


Naked Yoga provides a unique atmosphere where erections are totally acceptable and welcome, without any pressure at all to have one. 



Most guys will be nervous the first time they come to Naked Yoga. They don't know what to expect. Perhaps they've never participated in naked group activities before. They wonder how sexual the atmosphere will be. They worry about getting hard. They fear they'll be judged.


Most guys get over their nervousness within a few minutes. One thing that helps is that Naked Yoga is not clothing optional but rather nudity mandatory. This removes the pressure of sitting around wondering whether or not to take your shorts off. Because everyone is naked, you just strip off and, in most cases, surprise yourself at how quickly you "get over it."


The teachers and organisers of Naked Yoga will endeavor to create a friendly, non–judgmental atmosphere, and to offer as much personalised attention as possible. Being naked creates a feeling of camaraderie missing from many classes at gyms and other studios. And if you're worried about getting hard, you'll find that erections are very welcome at our events. 



Straight and curious men are welcome at Naked Yoga Sydney. However, please be aware that all classes may involve some physical touch by other men. It is likely that the teacher will touch you at times in order to make corrections to your posture and help you to attain the correct form. Once again, this will not be of a sexual nature particularly from instructors by way of assistance and correction.


In some classes there may be some partner poses offered.


If your comfort level with male touch is minimal, please let us know before the class so that we can be better aware of your needs



It depends on what you consider sexual.


For most gay and bi men, it's sexy to be in a room full of naked guys. So you may feel aroused at some point during, or perhaps throughout the class.


Some classes may include partner positions which can be quite intimate and sexually arousing, though they do not include deliberate genital stimulation.


If you feel sexual during class, just enjoy your sexual energy and continue to follow the instructor's directions.


Although sensuality is an intrinsic part of this group practice, it should be clear that this is not intended to be a blatantly sexual venue. If you are looking for SEX, this is NOT the right group for you. 



We heat the studio with the three heaters particularly in the winter months, so no need to be concerned about “shrinkage”. The studio temperature is kept between between 22oC and 26oC (depending on how close to the heating you are), so a great temperature to get naked and do some yoga.



We strive to assure your privacy by:


  • practicing in a studio which is not viewable from the street.
  • keeping the door locked during class.
  • maintaining Naked Yoga Sydney as a group being sensitive to members' desires for discretion.
  • not allowing people to just ‘çome and watch’ – all attendees are required to do the class.
  • not allowing photographs.
  • never releasing your membership information (other than what is visable on the site), questionnaire answers or photographs


However, before attending, please be aware that:


  • we will rent our studio by the hour, not full time.
  • it is likely that we will be sharing the building with other organisations and you may encounter others, including undertaking non-yoga related activities. Please remember we share this building with others – No nudity outside the room. No inappropriate behaviour will be tolerated.

While we attempt to assure total privacy, discretion and safety, we cannot guarantee these things 100%. We sometimes make mistakes or encounter circumstances beyond our control. Attendance is therefore at your own risk




We strive to assure your privacy by:


  • only allowing students who have been pre-registered for the class to participate.
  • using password protection for classes.
  • maintaining Naked Yoga Sydney as a group being sensitive to members' desires for discretion.
  • maintaining security/virus protection software on our computers and devices.
  • not allowing photographs, screen captures or recording of the classes.


However, before attending, please be aware that we are operating in an online environment and while we attempt to assure privacy, discretion and safety, we cannot guarantee these things 100%. Your online details (such as your screen name) may be visible to other participants. We sometimes make mistakes or encounter circumstances beyond our control. Participation is therefore at your own risk.