At Naked Yoga Sydney the health and well being of our community is of utmost importance. In order to help reduce the likelihood of coronavirus transmission in the studio

we have postponed all further TouchNConnect classes for the time being.








 Touch More Tantric (TMT) and Touch N Connect (TnC) classes have been running for the past 10 years. We are really proud of the way that TMT and TnC classes have assisted men to connect with other men through non-sexual touch. 


Touch is central to our early development and continues to play an important role throughout our lives in terms of our development, health and emotional well being. 


Gentle touch provides lasting connection and comfort. Think about leaning on someone for a few minutes, holding hands, rubbing their back or sitting close together not out of necessity but out of choice. Yet touch is the one thing we suppress culturally in men and it starts from a time when we were very young boys.


Touch has been suggested to change the brain’s representation of the body which are important for many different aspects of our daily life and core experiences of being human - feeling of body ownership, experiencing our movements, and creating connections is a disconnected world.


‘Touch ‘N Connect’ is a class about creating a greater connection with ourselves and others through a journey of touch. We will explore self touch as well as both delivering and receiving touch from others.


Bookings for ‘Touch ‘N Connect’ are essential and can be made by completing the booking form.